Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist


Han River Fantasy Suite (2011), a chamber concerto for horn and percussion ensemble

KomponistGary Nash
VerlegerGary Nash
Genre Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik
Instrumentierung Horn, Röhrenglocken, Kleine Trommel, Gong, Marimba, Triangel, Pauke, Vibraphon, Xylophon, Becken, Tom tom, Trommelbremse
Partitur fürOktett
Art der PartiturPartitur, Stimmen
Tonart c-Moll
Satz, Nr. 1 bis 5 von 5
Länge 20'0"
Schwierigkeitsgrad Fortgeschritten
Jahr der Komposition 2011
Han River Fantasy Suite is based on and inspired by Nash’s first trip to Vietnam in 2007. Commissioned by a percussion and horn duo, it is a five movement chamber concerto with mvts 1 and 2 performed continuously, as are mvts 4 and 5, giving the aural perception of 3 movements. Mvt. 1, “Dawning” and mvt. 2, “Morning Power Walks” stem from Nash’s morning routine during that particular journey as he walked along the Han River in Danang, Vietnam every morning. Mvt 1 is a slow and lyrical prelude, with vibraphone and chimes serving as melodic and colorful supporting lines for the horn solo and that immediately proceeds to Mvt. 2, a fast and somewhat fiery movement, alluding to a fast power walk.

Mvt. 3. “Moonlight Stroll” is slow and lyrical, highlighted by bowed vibes and triangle being struck while placed on a timpani during a glissando in the middle section. Mvt. 4, “Boat Ride” is a fast and dance-like, composed in compound duple meter and transitions to mvt. 5, “Going Home”, in a slightly faster simple quadruple meter.

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