Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist


Sui Generis Bastion

KomponistGary Nash
VerlegerGary Nash
Genre Klassische Musik / Kammermusik
Instrumentierung Bratsche
Partitur fürSolo
Art der PartiturFür einen Interpreten
Tonart d-Moll
Länge 7'0"
Schwierigkeitsgrad Fortgeschritten
Jahr der Komposition 2016
Bastion is another word for castle, specifically pertaining to the group “Castle Of Our Skins”. The “sui generis” part of the title was initially for it being a solo unaccompanied work; however, sui generis also means unique, in a class by itself and in regards to creative arts, for artistic works that go beyond conventional genre boundaries. Sui Generis Bastion displays a rounded progressive form. The musical events stem from extended playing techniques such as extreme high registers, extensive use of natural harmonics and multi layering effects with sul ponticello on fast note ostinato passages playing in the high register on top of the tail motive of the opening melody performed with double stops in the lower register.

Datum des Uploads 25 Jun 2021

Noten 10.00 USD
557.1 Kb
(10 S.)


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