Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist


Three Ivory Magnolia Fantasies

CompositorGary Nash
EditoraGary Nash
Gênero Clássico / Instrumental
Instrumentação Piano
Composição paraSolo
Tipo de composiçãoFor a single performer
chave Polytonal
movimento(s) 1 para 3 de 3
duração 20'0"
dificuldade Difficult
Ano de composição 2003
Three Ivory Magnolia Fantasies (2003) for piano solo is a three movement work largely inspired by Dr. Gary Powell Nash’s experiences in Mississippi as Associate Professor of Music at Mississippi Valley State University.
Movement one, titled “Buddy’s Path” is a result of the two main premises of the movement which include blues riffs of Buddy Guy and Beethoven’s “Pathetique” Sonata. Buddy’s Path begins with a slow introduction and transitions to faster music. After section 2, the slow intro music returns and once again transitions to section 1 material, alluding to the formal structure from Movement 1 of the Pathetique Sonata.
Movement two, titled “Dedication”, a slow movement is also ternary, with A, B, cadenza and A’. It begins with cadenza-like passages, using 32 note rhythms and then moves to slower paced music, with longer note values, although actually marked at a slightly faster tempo. The B section continues the slow paced music and progresses to a Chopin-like cadenza, which closes the B section. The A’ section returns to the slower paced music with longer note values.
Movement three, titled “Fast Blues on the Wall” is based on a blues tune titled “On the Wall”, an upbeat and fast tempo tune demonstrating the barrelhouse blues tradition. Using a ternary design, the A and A’ sections of “Fast Blues on the Wall” feature a doubled twelve bar blues-like progression where the corresponding phrases in a standard twelve bar blues progression are doubled in regards to measure length.

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