Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist


Thriving Three

КомпозиторGary Nash
ИздательGary Nash
Жанр Классика / Инструментальная
Инструменты Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель, Вибрафон, Ударная установка, Джембе
Состав исполнителейКвинтет
Тип нотПартитура, Партии
Тональность До минор
Время звучания 17'0"
Уровень сложности Выше среднего
Год создания 2014
Nash completed Thriving Three around the time of his daughter’s 3rd birthday and the title is derived from his daughter having finished the “Terrible Two” phase of her life. Other contributing items to the title Thriving Three are that it has three movements and the collaborating percussion part uses three instruments, including drum set, vibraphone and Djembe drum. Movement 1, marked Assertively, q = 100 is a moderately fast movement with highly syncopated rhythms of eighth and 16th notes in quadruple meter and supported mostly by the drum set. Movement 2, which is approached by metric modulation with no pause from movement 1 is marked Slowly and Sweetly, q = 66. It features mostly vibraphone. Movement 3 is marked Spirited, dotted quarter note = 100. Written in 6/8 time, it is a fast and dance-like movement with highly syncopated dance-like rhythms and primarily supported by Djembe drum and drum set.

Дата публикации 15 июн 2018

Ноты 25.00 USD
3.98 Мб
(83 с.)


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