Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist


From Wuteve to Woodall

КомпозиторGary Nash
ИздательGary Nash
Жанр Классика / Инструментальная
Инструменты Фортепиано, Тромбон, Скрипка
Состав исполнителейТрио
Тип нотПартитура, Партии
Тональность Ре мажор
Время звучания 12'0"
Уровень сложности Выше среднего
Год создания 2015
The title originates from the 2 main premises of the work, which include music of West Africa and that from Mississippi. More appropriately, Mount Wuteve represents the highest point in Liberia, West Africa and Mount Woodall is the highest point in Mississippi.

The three movements, which are all contrasting in style, all reflect fusions of the two types of folk music. Mvt 1, titled "The Long and Hard Ascent”, alluding to someone trekking either of those peaks, features medium-fast music in triple meter, highlighted with the violin melody incorporating a folk-like motif, using frequent double stops in the melody. Mvt. 2, "Contemplation" is a slow movement in quadruple meter, also utilizing folk motifs.  Mvt. 3, ”Exultation”, a dance-like movement in septuple meter (alternating measures of 4/4 and 3/4 time).

Дата публикации 03 июн 2020

Ноты 20.00 USD
2.62 Мб
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