Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist

Sheet Music

Papilionian Dance

ComposerGary Nash
PublisherGary Nash
Genre Classical / Chamber music
Instrumentation Oboe, Cor anglais
Scored forTrio
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Key B flat minor
Duration 4'21"
Difficulty Advanced
Year of composition 2011
Papilionian Dance is a single movement fast tempo work based on and inspired by West African popular folk music. The quick tempo and consistent fast note passages are meant to create an allusion to butterflies, hence the title. It consists of two ostinato bass motifs that respectively support section 1 and section 2. Papilionian Dance is mostly in a Bb minor mode with several chromatic mediant relationships in section 3, causing a shift to an F# minor mode. The final closing section, in Bb minor, combines the ostinato motifs used for sections 1 and 2.

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