Gary Nash

Gary Nash

Composer, Educator, Arranger, Clarinetist

Sheet Music

Five Brazilian Bagatelles

ComposerGary Nash
PublisherGary Nash
Genre Classical / Instrumental
Instrumentation Piano, Flute, Trumpet
Scored forTrio
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Key C major
Movement(s) 1 to 5 from 5
Duration 16'0"
Difficulty Advanced
Year of composition 2017
Five Brazilian Bagatelles for flute, trumpet and piano is based on and inspired by music featured on the CD Brazil: Music is the Pulse, a compilation of Brazilian songs. Nash was quite intrigued by several selections from this particular collection as they all display a dazzling variety of melodic and rhythmic flavors drawn from Latin, African, and European influences, blended into music that is both lively and sensual. Utilizing a fast, slow, fast, slow, fast format, Five Brazilian Bagatelles is primarily derived from the tunes Um Tom (A Tone) by Caetano Veloso and Trancelim de Marfim (Ivory Necklace)“ by DJ Dolores. Five Brazilian Bagatelles also makes use of various instrumental colors within the ensemble, including flutes (piccolo, flute and alto flute) and trumpets (C trumpet and flugelhorn, along with straight, cup and Harmon mutes) to further advance those same aforementioned influences.

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